Brighton Accessories

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  • Bibi-heart
    Inspired by the exotic island of Bali, this romantic sculpted jewelry will capture hearts everywhere you wear it!
  • Bibi-scroll
    Scrolled openwork sections link together and wrap the wrist beautifully. The crystal accents give the bracelet a slightly dressy look.
  • Cannes
    Those who frequent the world's best playgrounds know, pearls are very "right now". This dreamy bracelet of silver swirls and moonlight crystal charms travels day into night.
  • Contempo-chic
    Layer on modern style with this double-strand of pearls, crystal and scrolls...such a hip mix of materials.
  • Fall-in-love
    Romantic and modern etched hearts sprinkled with crystals - definitely worth falling for!
  • Fortino-multi
    Multiple chains have a cuff-like look in a sparkling statement-with-style 5-strand bracelet.
  • French-quarter-multi-chain
    Inspired by a cuff bracelet that a Brighton designer found in a New Orleans antique store, this bracelet blends traditional and modern motifs beautifully.
  • Heartland
    Multi-neutral hued crystals let you coordinate with a multitude of wardrobe colors.
  • Heiress-crystal
    Tomorrow's heirlooms to wear today!
  • Heritage-heart
    Modern-at-heart designs - with color blocking, contrasts, cotton-corded jewelry...very fresh!
  • In-the-mix
    Chain and more chains gather to form a bracelet that hints of the Roaring Twenties as much as its silver and gold colored links, and tassel fob, make a bold, contemporary statement.
  • Latika
    A necklace-matching bracelet in a sophisticated dark-ligh-and-bright combination, mixing sculpted silver and faceted glass beads of black, clear and grey.
  • Le-ritz
    A beautiful example of the "In the Clear" jewelry trend, this bracelet with cushion-cut Swarovski crysals has a rock 'n roll feel.
  • Mediterranean
    For a sophisticated look, reach for this updated and refined bracelet.
  • Meridian
    The chain-and-stations design features a clasp that lets it function like a soft can adjust the fit.
  • Pablo-passion
    Glints of copper - jewelry fashion's latest metal urge - enhance this modern design inspired by Picasso's cubist creations.
  • Pebble-heart
    River rock inspired jewelry to make hearts skip a beat.
  • Rhythms
    A cool and modern medallion is tethered by delicate multi-chains, for a feminine look with just a hint of edge.
  • Rhythms2
    This pretty plaque bracelet is edged with modern embellishment - perfect for any day, and evenings out!
  • Wiltern
    This elegant bracelet was inspired by a famous Los Angeles Art Deco style building of the same name. The two-tone coloration makes it ideal to wear every day.Wiltern Bracelet?$50.00
  • 3-graces
    Inspired by the three goddesses ("graces") of joy, charm and beauty in Greek mythology - this captivating Y-silhouette necklace will beautifully grace the neckline of v-neck sweaters, boat neck sweaters, neck sweaters, t-shirts...the possibilities are limitless!
  • Andromeda-collar
    This bib of interlocking diamond rays and Swarovski crystals looks to all worlds like real diamond jewelry. We call it dressing with the stars, for its inspiration is our cosmic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy.
  • Bauble-bath
    Inspired by the airy bubbles of a childhood memory, this fun loving cascade of pearly baubles will keep grown-up girls feeling young and light-hearted.
  • Blooming-hearts
    Two-in-one jewelry is a beautiful thing - this piece transforms from a floral pendant to a necklace with a row of smaller hearts.
  • Brighten-motto
    The inscriptions of dream, laugh, live and love let you add a healthy dose of personality to your I.D.
  • Brighton-badge
    Brighton your I.D.!
  • Cannes
    Imagine a charm necklace as dreamy with bridal gowns as it is with jeans. Its creamy glass pearls with silver swirls and moonlight opalescent crystals is a romance come true.
  • Cleopatra
    Chains de Luxe is or favorite trend - mixing gauges and links...we love them especially in delicate layers, and a silhouette fit for a queen.
  • Fall-in-love
    This romantic and modern row of cascading hearts was inspired by a Brighton watch with the same design for its links.
  • French-quarter-heart
    Floral etchings inspired by a Victorian cuff bracelet add a timeless touch to this modern heart necklace.
  • Glamour-pearl
    Any Hollywood star of the 1930s would covet this dramatic suspension of glass pearls and etched silver beads. Alas, its time is now, filling the necklines of Brighton women with its vintage glamour.
  • Gold-magic
    Multiple, miniaturized motifs reverse from hammered brushed gold cabochons to multiple shades of Swarovski crystals. The versatile length allows it to be worn as a double-row, short necklace as well.
  • Heritage-heart
    Modern-at-heart designs - with color blocking, contrasts, cotton-corded jewelry...very fresh!
  • InThemix-long
    Think flappers and the Charleston for the 21st century. Inspired by antique French tassels, the modern mixed metals and mix of fringed and knotted chains have all the right moves.
  • Lace-heart-eyeglass
    Eye spy something beautiful that's also very practical...keeping your Brighton sunglasses right at hand.
  • Luminescence-collar
    Party season is in full swing with these icebreakers. Satellites of colored stones surround the silvery faceted German glass ovals as they fill the neckline with quiet elegance.
  • Ophelia-heart
    Inspired by a Victorian cuff bracelet that a Brighton found in a New Orleans antique store, this heart necklace is a wonderful mix of timeless and modern motifs.
  • The-duchess
    Inspired by the jewelry of the Duchess of Windsor, these metallic-hued stones coordinate beautifully with many of today's neutral and pearlized leather colors and complement clothing colors from neutral to brights to black.
  • Twinkle-trio
    You're once, twice, three times a lady with these shimmering shapes that go nicely with everything in the Brighton line
  • Zoe
    Byzantine-era elegance graces this Y-necklace with a touch of Swarovski dazzle. It's for the holidays, and any day!
  • Andorra
    One of three ethnically inspired bangles that look sensational when worn together, this simple textural motif is perfect to wear every day.
  • 2crystal-voyage
    A captivating and sparkling statement jewelry piece that really "makes the outfit"- no matter which outfit you are wearing.
  • 2footprints
    Inspirational words and small crystal highlights make this bangle both meaningful and fashionable. Etched saying "Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same."
  • 2heart-center
    A Collection Matcher offering the versatility of two-tone silver/Swarovski crystal. Pairs nicely with the Heart Center Bangle in silver/gold.
  • 2leopard-lux
    Definitely the cat's meow in bracelets with glittery leopard spots of Swarovski crystals. The bangle hinges, keeping the beautiful feline at top spot on the wrist.
  • 2venezia-2tone
    Stacked in multiples or mixed with other silver and gold bangles, this beautiful scrolled bangle is a can't miss accent to your style.
  • Andorra-rope
    One of three bangles that look sensational worn together - this simple textured motif is perfect to wear every day.
  • As-one-hinged
    A bangle to turn your heart topsy turvy features interlocking hearts interspersed with lots of sparkle.
  • Bijoux
    Sure to spend more time on the wrist than the jewel box, the cabled magnetic bangle swirls have a very wearable style.
  • Contempo-hinged
    To wear singly or stacked for drama, this statement bangle with swirling pierced motifs takes its inspiration from vintage Taxco jewelry, and has an oval shape for a comfortable fit.
  • Cupids-garden
    This delicate, sweet and elegant jewelry is a pretty ode to springs and oh-so-wearable year 'round.
  • Herald-square
    This bangle has urban chic all wrapped up. Row after row of roped texture and crystal sparkle mingle, making beautiful conversation.
  • Indie-rope
    One of three coordinating bangles that stack wonderfully together, this bangle with a Southwest feel pairs with the Indie Stud and Indie Etched bangles.
  • Joliet-stretch
    It's not a stretch to think that this hip modern bracelet with etched concentric circles might be your next favorite jewelry piece.
  • Leoprad-totem
    Note the beauty of the beast in this oval bangle, where leopard spots are represented by a full coating of glittery hematite and topaz-hued crystals. Etched swirls form a base, and an inside pattern.
  • Rockin-heart
    We know your heart will be won over rocking-out this bangle! Style tip: Stack bangles to create a fashion-forward flair.
  • Silver-magic
    This timeless bangle looks wonderful stacked with other Brighton bangles or on its own.
  • Times-square
    Squares create a beautiful pattern on this bangle - add multiples for an even greater fashion impact.
  • Trinity-hinged
    The hammered texture and curves of this bangle were inspired by the river of the same name in Texas. Stacked in multiples or mixed with other bangles,it makes a dramatic statement.
  • Zoe
    This bangle is slim and elegant - the better for stacking in multiples, my dear!
  • Andromeda
    You could say these earrings are dripping in diamonds. And so they are, the silver kind of cosmic inspiration, with a virtual galaxy of Swarovski crystals adding the sparks.
  • Anna-twist
    Like its matching ring, build the earrings with the spacers from the charm collection.
  • As-one-hoop
    These pretty earrings would make anyone love hearts.
  • Auteyn-heart
    The way's of the heart seem endless, as these modern, open-at-the-top interpretations attest. Beribboned in sparkling crystal whirls, they gently drop from single crystal posts.
  • Brilliance-post
    They're 100% genuinely gorgeous!
  • Cannes
    To wear as a bride and then happily ever after, a ball of silver, droplet of moonlight (the opalescent crystal) and a creamy glass pearl, all hanging together very demurely.
  • Deco-sweetheart
    This romantic jewelry adorned with fire-polished pink beads of fine Czech glass is a beautiful match to metallic pink leather accessories.
  • Harmony
    Playful-at-heart earrings will keep your mood sunny.
  • Heart-center-hoop
    New Collection Matcher with two-tone silver/gold and Swarovski crystal accents.
  • In-the-mix-drop
    Silver and gold colored metals, circles and long lines, links of all kinds - this Brighton designer knows how to mix it up so these tassel-like earrings shine.
  • Meridian-post
    Symmetry-plus! These not so classic crystal-embellished classics let you revel in their textures, twinkle and great barrel shaped style.
  • Monte-carlo-hoop
    Fabulously simple, classic hoop earrings like these are a must for every woman!
  • Pearl-icious
    A waterfall of 4 different sized pearls and natural quartz crystal beads gives great movement to these cascading statement earrings. They capture the best of fun, fashion and forward-looking style.
  • Re-deco-heart
    Hearts are left dangling here - to dramatic effect. The black helix-faceted crystal dropping from the pierced scrolls adds a final deco accent to the delicious domed shapes.
  • Starry-night-hoop
    Night or day, these "starry" earrings are the ones!
  • Starry-night-smHoop
    Starry Night Small Hoop Earrings
  • Twinkle-large-post
    When it's time to sparkle in a big way, reach for these in a twinkling.
  • Velvet-rose
    Celebrate a budding romance...or just wear them every day!
  • Wiltern-hoop
    Elegant earrings to wear every day are a smaller version of the bangle from the Wiltern collection.
  • Zoe-post
    Your ears won't be left out of the stylish loop with these dangles dazzling with aurora borealis beads
  • Deco-heart
    A collection matcher to Deco Heart.
  • 2la-vie
    This pretty matcher to the popular La Vie collection will put "spring in your step."
  • Enchanted-heart
    Victorian jewelry inspiration is at its most charming with these puffy hearts.
  • Golden-poppy
    It's poppy love at first sight when you see this anklet!
  • Golden-spring
    This heart's golden touch will bring sunshine to your style.
  • Karma-karma
    What goes around comes around, beautifully in this anklet.
  • Kiss+tell
    Simple and modern yet dainty and feminine, this anklet features hearts embedded in a "tunnel".
  • Mira-flor
    It's the little black dress of anklets!
  • Retro-garden
    Three floral accents add a touch of fun to this sophisticated anklet.
  • Tuscan-heart
    Let the curves of these Brighton hearts play up the pretty curves of your ankles.
  • 2balboa
    Knotty and nice rope detailing gives this two-tone timepiece the look of a modern classic. See other matching pieces in the Knottigham Collection.
  • 2camden-2tone
    Every story has two sides and this watch does, too - it reverses!"
  • 2highland-park
    A big-time winner! Classic, and then some, with its large, easy-read face and crystals on the adjustable and comfortable link band. Match it to the Meridian bracelet.
  • 2irvine
    The timeless leather-and-silver watch gets a modern update with bold open scrolls.
  • 2monroe-2tone
    This chic silhouette with a watch face flanked by two-toned floral motifs will look beautiful as time goes by.
  • 2northridge
    Tell time by the scrolls. Each two-tone etched plaque link mirrors the modern Northridge face. Collection matcher to Rhythms jewelry.
  • 2san-dimas
    You've got the whole world in your hands, and the universe, too. Twinkling, trailing Swarovski crystals turn the San Dimas watch into a cosmic beauty.
  • 2solana-beach
    Designing your own look is easy with assorted beads and spacers that you can wear as shown, re-arrange, or swap out for other ABC beads, spacers and charms.
  • 2somerset-reversible
    Framed by silver scrollwork, this round-face watch is a true Brighton classic."
  • 2turin
    Faceted accents give this timepiece its distinctive style.
  • Brooklyn
    Watch of the moment, with its face right on time while its black rubber band and rubber bezel are a little bit ahead. Note the very Brighton etched swirls.
  • Dana-point
    Chunky contemporary and sophisticated - this watch has a fine jewelry look. Seven different band colors to choose from.
  • Encino
    Watch with a heartbeat, beautifully executed in Swarovski crystals as a surround for its geometric border. On the pulse, a dramatic accented link band.
  • Huntington-beach-link
    For the bold-at-heart, these iconic, repeated motifs take a classic in a fresh new direction.
  • Joliet-bracelet
    Tightly nested circles (hammered, etched and Swarovski crystal-centered) create a cool geometric pattern that meshes nicely with modern clothing and jewelry.
  • Santa-rosa
    This interlocking hearts design is both classic and modern.
  • Stardust
    Nautical inspiration shines through in this watches' stellar detailing.
  • Tuscan-charm
    Coming around again, the round face watch's time has come!
  • Tuscany
    This matcher to the Maria and Nicole collections has a fine jewelry effect - with roping and gold accent.
  • Waterford-reversible
    Times are Changin': The strap changes from red to black.
  • Always-cross
    Spanish influences criss-cross this beautiful key fob that matches a Brighton jewelry collection.
  • Bloom-delight
    Fresh-as-a-daisy florals keep you stylish when you're ready to roll.
  • Endless-love
    Quite possibly, the prettiest key fob to cross your path, with a gorgeous burgundy heart of fine German glass.
  • Key-to-heart
    Home is where the heart is, and this key fob is a beautiful reminder of that sentiment.
  • Ladybug
    Take a little luck with you on your journeys with this pretty stylized ladybug.
  • Later-gator
    Inspired by animal magnetism and a walk on the wild side, this key fob will pique your sense of adventure.
  • Leobard-lux
    This cat may not be out of the bag (she usually lives within it), but when she emerges on her leather ring, holding the keys, she's there to impress.
  • Manchester
    Picture perfect accessory!
  • Manuscript
    A hip mix of charm showcasing inspiring words, made to fill your day with inspiration.
  • Marvels-turtle
    One of "nature's marvels" dangles adorably from this fob.
  • Neptune-fish
    Inspired by Parisian sea sculptures in the Fountain de Fleuves, this beautifully articulated fish moves in a freeflowing way.
  • Pablos-passion
    Asymmetrical abstractions inspired by the post-Cubist paintings of Picasso are at the heart of this key fob's extraordinary design appeal.
  • Safari-monkey
    More fun than a whole barrelful of (other) monkeys, this fob-ulous primate is ready to branch out and join you on your travels.
  • Scooter
    It's the season to be a social butterfly - and this pretty winged beauty is sure to get conversations started.
  • Scripture-cross
    The ancient scrolled beauty of this cross is reflected anew in antiqued silver with gold and brilliant stone accents.
  • Seahorse
    Add a splash of ocean inspiration to your day.
  • Spirit-heart
    An inspiring assemblage of uplifting messages is the key to this inspiring design.
  • Upsy-daisy
    Feel fresh as a daisy even as you drive up to the house at the end of the day...this key fob is your secret.
  • Vento-heart
    This airy and lightweight beautifully sculpted heart is one to make hearts race.
  • Water-lily
    A handbag charm/key fob featuring heart charms to match Ophelia, Ellington and Water Lily accessories.
  • Bright-heart-nightlight
    There's no time like the present for giving a gift to brighten their lives.
  • Callie-wine-stopper
    Uncork and re-cork wine bottles beautifully?stoppers are our favorite hostess gift!
  • Contessa=frame
    A gift that's twice as nice!
  • Crystal-ball-holder
    A stylish way to carry your calling cards.
  • Crystal-bar-set
    The most elegant accoutrements, bar none!
  • Field-cardcase
    A new addition to a favorite Brighton collection!
  • Field-compact
    A new addition to a favorite Brighton collection!
  • Field-pillbox
    A new addition to a favorite Brighton collection!
  • Fleur-de-lis-nightlight
    A graceful French-inspired motif adorns this elegant nightlight.
  • Fly-buterfly-nightlight
    This flutterby will spread her wings and shed a little light, beautifully."light, beautifully.
  • Geneva-frame
    Generation next for Brighton holds your favorite photos of all generations, cut outs inspired by Victorian architecture enhance fresh contemporary shapes!
  • Geneva-small-frame
    Generation next for Brighton holds your favorite photos of all generations, cut outs inspired by victorian architecture enhance fresh contemporary shapes!
  • Worldofhearts-bookmark
    Whimsical and modern hearts are here to artfully mark your place.
  • Love-letters-pen
    For the modern writer, contemporary etching and Swarovski crystal.
  • Madrid-small-frame
    Inspired by the 1920s Spanish Revival movement, this frames lace-like detailing is the ideal counterpoint to any portrait.
  • Master-piece-frame
    Perfect the fine art of giving great gifts with this artful frame.
  • Orleans-wine-stopper
    Raise the bar for gift-giving with this elegant wine stopper.
  • Savemyplace-holder
    Oh, the mini ways to impress your dinner and lunch guests.
  • Sweetdreams-nightlight
    Give them the moon, the stars - and a nightlight, too!"
  • Tapestry-double-frames
    Tuck two sentimental favorite photos into this frame to make a twice-as-wonderful gift.