Oval Link Collection
The oval shape, like that of an egg, symbolizes fertility, birth, luck, and new starts. The oval link collection uses three different size ovals to create an exquisite thick-to-thin flow outward from the center of the piece. Intricate ribbing detail adds subtle beauty to the piece.


Ocean Images Collection
Made from sea shell pearls, hand crafted from a mother of pearl shell base, only the most perfect pearls are selected for this collection. More durable than an oyster pearl, these sea shell pearl pieces will become a mainstay in your jewelry collection.

Vista Collection


Little Inspirations Collection


The Nouveau Collection is made with intricate carvings and brilliant stones. This collection is known for its versatility and is designed with styles from dressy to casual.


Heart Collection


Antiqua Collection
The circle is ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, completeness, infinity, the goddess, and female power. Used in jewelry, the shape creates a completeness and sense of calm roundness.


Fine hand crafted from non-precious metals:
Base Material: Non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .02% of silver which are strong and lightweight.
Overlay/Finish/Plate: Rhodium and 14Kt gold which has a permanent non-tarnish, easy to care for finish. Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, has all of the attributes of platinum with the added benefit of being harder, lasting longer, and a whiter tone.
Stones: Man-made Cubic Zirconium which will not chip, crack, cloud or fade. Cubic Zirconium is virtually indistinguishable to the eye by diamond experts, can scratch glass like natural diamonds, and is tougher than sapphire.
Earring Posts: Surgical steel which are ideal for sensitive ears prone to infection or allergies.
All John Medeiros jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee.