Mariposa takes corporate gifts to a new level. Their many designs in Brillante aluminum are stylish and original, with a vast range of themes. They can also be custom engraved to honor the person or event. For an exceptional gift that sends a clear message…think Mariposa!

Mariposa is a leader in handmade tableware, embracing the arts of ceramics, aluminum, cutlery, and glass in myriad forms and textures from around the world. The Mariposa aesthetic thrives on unique original design and superior artisanship that ages faultlessly. Enjoy the splendors of the table and of your home…make everyone feel welcome.

  • Andiamo-round-platter
  • Bamboo-napkin-box-w-alligator-weight
  • Bamboo-napkin-box-w-parrot-weight
  • Beaded-napkin-box-w-menorah-weight
  • Dog-bone-4x6-frame
  • Geranium-platter-w-pink-enamel-interior
  • Pearled-edge-5x7-frame
  • Pearled-edge-8x10-frame
  • Sand-dollar-5x7-frame
  • Scallop-shell-server-w-blue-enamel-interior
  • Sea-turtle-silver
  • Statement-4x6-frame-beachDays
  • Statement-tray-anything-is-possible
  • Statement-tray-congratulations
  • Sueo-round-platter-w-wood-insert
  • Triple-beaded-5x7-frame-